Crowdfunding at Olin

In Spring 2015, Olin College of Engineering began to harness the power of crowdfunding to share what many of our alumni, faculty, and students are doing, deliver the resources needed to enhance their work, and raise funds to decrease student expenses. Our first project launched on June 1, 2015 in support of an alumni-created fund to reduce the debt of Olin students, and we exceeded our goal! We hope our crowdfunding site continues to highlight our community's remarkable projects and further our mission of rethinking engineering education around the world.

If you have questions about crowdfunding at Olin or would like more information on launching your own crowdfunding project, please contact Shannon Paleologos at or 781.292.2293.

Thank you!

Olin College of Engineering FAQ

How do I give? To support a project, simply click on the "Donate Now" button or select the giving level button that is the amount that you would like to donate. This will take you to a page to submit your contribution amount, your billing information, your credit card, and your Olin affiliation. 

My International Credit Card won't work. Why? Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept non-United States bank based credit cards. If you would like to do a wire transfer you may do so by following these instructions. 

If I make a gift on this page does it count toward giving participation? Yes! All gifts count toward gift participation of that fiscal year as long as they are received by June 30.

Is my gift tax-deductible?  Yes! All gifts to Olin are completely tax-deductible. Once you make your donation, you will receive an electronic receipt with the amount and a letter with tax information as well as Olin's tax ID number.

When will my credit card be charged? Your credit card will be charged immediately and will go directly to Olin College. All donations made through this 

page will go straight to Olin's credit card processing team.

Can I still get my gift matched by my employer? Yes, your gift can get matched if you fill out your employer's matching gift form. Once it gets to Olin, we will verify your donation was received.

What do I do if I have a pledge with Olin to another gift designation? You can still give to a crowdfunding project, but if you do not intend to pay your pledge payment for the fiscal year, please notify so we can update your pledge record. If you have questions as to what your pledge may be, please contact, 781.292.2290.

Who can I contact if I made a mistake?  You can contact Shannon Paleologos, Olin's Director of Annual Giving and Family and Alumni Relations, at or 781.292.2293.


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